Rules and Regulations

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Welcome to the Windance Open-Air Markets. Please read all rules and complete the application. If you have any questions, please contact Peter at 503-704-4212.

Please mail completed application with your certificates, booth and application fees to:

Windance Farms
4805 NE 92nd Ave
Portland, Oregon 97220

Thank You for your interests in the Windance Open-Air Markets.

The Fairview, Troutdale, Sunnyside Grange Open Air Markets and the 1st Friday Artwalk will provide a viable open-air market place for local farmers, growers, artists, crafters, musicians and food vendors to sell their product lines directly to the public. The Open Air Markets bring to the local communities, a wide variety of fresh local produce, organics, flowers, fine arts, crafts, unique items, foods, community programs, services and live entertainment to the local communities. Windance Markets are drop off points for the Oregon Food Bank.

The Open Air Markets are GREEN markets.

1. Market Locations, Hours and Dates

. The Troutdale Open Air Market will be open to the public on Saturdays from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM; starting the first Saturday in April through the third Saturday in October. Vendors set up time will be at 8:00am. The Troutdale Open Air Market will be located at Depot Park Rail Museum, 551 Historic Columbia River Hwy., Historic Troutdale, Troutdale OR. 503-766.2993 / 503-704-4212

. The Fairview Open Air Market will be open to the public on Thursdays from 3:00pm - 8:00pm; starting the first Thursday in April through the last Thursday in September. Vendors set up time will be at 1:00pm. The Fairview Open Air Market is located in the Fairview Village located at Market & Village St. across the the Fairview Post Office and Fairview Library, Fairview, OR. 503-766.2993 / 503-704-4212

. The Sunnyside Grange #842 Open Air Market will be open to the public on Sundays from 11:30AM - 3:00PM; the first Sunday in April through the last Sunday in October. Vendors set up time will be at 10:00AM. The Sunnyside Grange Farmers & Artists Market will be located at 13100 Sunnyside Rd, Happy Valley, OR. 503-766.2993 / 503-704-4212

. The Troutdale 1st Friday Artwalk will be open to the public on the 1st Friday of the month from 4:00PM - 8:00PM; starting the first Friday in April through the last Friday in October. Vendors set up time will be at 1:00PM. The 1st Friday Artwalk will be located at Historic Rail Museum. 551 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy. Troutdale OR. 503-766.2993 / 503-704-4212

2. Product Guidelines

. The following products may be sold at the Open Air Markets: Locally farmed produce, fruits/vegetables, nursery stock, herbs, nuts, flowers, dairy products, fish, oysters, poultry and meats, forest products, baked goods, value added foods, textiles, music, services and service providers, ready-made products and concession foods.

Note: Vendors who fall under one or more of these categories will need to submit samples of your work, a detailed list of products along with market application. All vendors will be notified by email, conventional mail, phone, or in person of acceptance of product. We try not to turn anyone away.

. Prepared foods or value added food products must be produced by the vendor from raw ingredients.

. The sale of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) is prohibited.

. Our goal is to provide a variety of products with little duplication.

3. 100% Rule


This rule applies to all vendors selling their products at the Windance Open Air Markets. The Open Air Markets will permit exceptions to this rule on individual product and farmer basis. Requests must be made by in writing prior to market sales. This rule is set to provide unique and unusual items to the public not found in retail establishments and will enhance the market and community.

3. Plant Vendors

Plant vendors must propagate plants and/or flowers (live or cut) seed, cuttings, bulbs, plugs or plant divisions. Vendors must sell all plants in standard, non decorative nursery containers unless they have requested and received permission to sell otherwise. Wild /collected plants may not be sold. Sales exceeding $250.00 per season will need to provide a nursery person's card.

5. Specialty Food Items and Prepared Foods

All food related vendors must comply with federal, state and county rules and regulations.

Questions regarding processed foods, canned foods, baked foods, ready-to-eat foods (excluding temporary restaurant and mobile cart permits), please contact Oregon Department of Agriculture's Food Safety Division 503-986-4720 for policies and procedures.

Temporary restaurant, mobile carts and food handlers card. Multnomah County Health Dept. 503-988-5257 3653 SE 34th Ave. Portland, Oregon 97202.

Temporary restaurant, mobile carts and food handlers card. Clackamas County Health Dept. 503-655-8384 2051 Kaen Rd. Oregon City. Oregon City 97045

All specialty and prepared food items must be produced by the vendor or under the vendor's direction. All product must be made from raw ingredients.

. Bakery products: made locally from quality raw ingredients.

. Specialty Food Products: must be produced locally by the owner using raw ingredients raised in Oregon or Washington. if possible, organic preferred.

. Ready-to-eat foods: made locally from fresh and raw ingredients (purchased from the market vendors (if possible).

. Arts / Crafts: made by vendor.

6. Market Operations

a. Vendors must be prepared for operation at the start of the market. Booths must be staffed during market hours. Vendors may not dissemble booths before market is closed without permission from the market manager.

b. Vendor loading and unloading: Vendors are not permitted to drive into the market 15 minutes before market start or 15 minutes after the market ends. Vendors arriving late should park their vehicle outside of the market area and carry their supplies to their booth space.

c. It is prohibited for vendor to set up their booths while vendor's vehicle is in the market zone. Pull in, pull over, unload, pull out and park in designated areas.

d. Vehicles are not permitted to enter the market until 15 minutes after the market closes for safety reasons.

Space Assignments will be assigned to vendors as they arrive, by the market manager. Every effort will be made to accommodate vendors' needs. No booth location is guaranteed on an on-going basis. Vendors may be asked to change booth space locations for demographic reasons. Reserved stalls not occupied by 15 minutes prior to the start of the market may be reassigned to another vendor.

The Market Manager has the ultimate authority for a vendor's booth location within the market.

e. Seniority will be tracked by vendor's history, attendance, conduct and adherence to market rules.

f. Vendors are responsible for their own booths, tables and weather covers. Vendors are responsible for securing canopies against hazards such as wind and with concern for the safety of the public and other market vendors. (WEIGHTS ARE REQUIRED)

g. Selling before the opening hours of the market is strictly forbidden unless permission is obtained from market manager. Exceptions: CSA pickup points, prior sales. Ringing the market bell will signify opening. Same process for closing.

h. Signage: Vendors are required to post a sign identifying business name, location/address of farm or business. Signage must be no smaller than 1'x3', legible, visible, and securely attached to a vendor's booth or stall to assure that it does not impede pedestrian traffic.

Organic: vendors must comply with all federal, State, USDA regulations. Certified organic vendors must display certificate. (The $5000.00 organic rule will apply at the Open Air Markets)

Vendors are encouraged to provide additional information regarding products, farming practices, and other Open Air Markets where vendors are available.

i. Stall space: Vendors are responsible for keeping their space attractive during market hours.

j. Vendors are responsible for cleaning their stalls and adjacent areas after the market closes.

k. Vendors are responsible for removal of all debris, refuse and unsold product from the market premises.

l. Market trash cans and dumpsters are for the public. If market staff has too cleanup a booth space, the vendor will be required to pay a fine of $25.00.

m. Vendor Conduct: Vendors, nor their staff, may smoke in the market area. (A designated smoking area will be designated)

n. Vendors will conduct themselves courteously. Vendors may not verbally call attention to their space by calling out beyond the borders of their space.

o. Vendors are requested to work and drive as quietly as possible while in the market area.

p. It is strictly prohibited for vendors to recruit market vendors, advertise or promote other events, i.e. street/craft fairs, markets or bazaars. It is permitted to advertise and promote Windance Open-Air Markets, Your business and your business locations. Written materials of your locations and schedules may be handed out.

This is a zero tolerance rule, any infraction will result in forfeiture of all market fees. Vendor/vendors will be barred from all Windance Open Air Markets.

q. Vendors: Only tap water may be poured into street drains.

r. Booth for non-profit organizations are available for organization whose goals align with the Open Air Market. Booth space fees will be waived for those who fit the guidelines. The markets are not a forum for political or religious activities. Booth space will not be granted to those persons/organizations wishing to campaign or proselytize.

s. Sampling: Sampling may only occur within the confines of vendors' booth or directly in front of the booth. Sidewalk areas are not permitted. The sampling vendor must ensure that customers have clear access to the vendor on opposite him or her and in no way intrude on that vendor's space.

t. Vendors will provide a trash can for any refuse from the distribution of samples.

u. Vendor applications and information is strictly confidential.

v. ALL growers, farmers and food vendors serving food or offering samples of food must abide by the Oregon Department of Agriculture and local county Dept. of Health food safety rules and regulations including the following:

. The Oregon Department of Agriculture requires a hand washing unit with a faucet to rinse knives, platters and both hands simultaneously.

. All sample produce must be washed then rinsed with clean water.

. Designate one knife (non-folding) for cutting. Clean knife thoroughly prior to cutting into each new fruit or vegetable.

. Always keep a supply of paper towels on hand.

. All samples must be served with toothpicks, reducing opportunity for multiple contacts.

. Refill produce platters only after all previous produce is gone and the platter is rinsed clean.

. Clean hands after each step.

Please see supplemental information regarding health regulation.


A. All vendors must comply with the Oregon Department of Agriculture rules and regulations regarding sampling procedures. 503-986-4720

B. Copies of permits and certifications must be included with application for the market. Examples include: certification for certified Organic, license/certification for kitchens processing foods. Vendors are responsible for complying with state and local health licensing requirements governing the sale and production of their products. Failure to conform to such regulations and requirements can be grounds for removal from the market and forfeiture of space fees.

C. Scales used for weighing customer goods must be certified by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Measurement Standards (503) 986-4670 Vendors selling produce without a certified scale must sell per piece, pint, quart etc.

D. All products for sale at the market must comply with state and federal standards governing labeling, packaging, display and weight.

E. Liability: The Farmers' & Artists' Markets do not assume responsibility for product liability. Vendors are encouraged to purchase product liability insurance and are required to do if potentially hazardous food {OAR603-25-010(20)} see supplemental information}. All processed and restaurant vendors are required to carry such insurance.

F. Sampling. Vendors must comply with the "Farmers' Market Guidelines" determined through the ODA: food safety division.

G. Farmers Market Nutrition Program: FDNP / WIC and Senior programs. Vendors must abide by program rules. The Farmers & Artists Market strongly encourages vendors to participate in the FDNP program, and our goal is to have 100% of eligible vendors participate. Our goal is to increase FDNP redemption at the Open Air Market bringing quality fresh local produce to the community. Information is available from the market managers and through state and county agencies. Contact Maria Menor, Oregon Department of Health and Human Services Health Division 800 NE Oregon st. #21, Portland, OR 97232-2162 (503)731-4022

7. Reservations and Fees

Application Fee

$25.00 (All vendors)
Vendor applications will not be processed unless application fees and booth fees are accompanied with application. The application fee is an annual fee. Only one application fee will be charged for processing one or all markets. Acceptance of application fees does not guarantee a space in the 2011 markets but will ensure a spot on the markets waiting list. Vendors who are not accepted into the Windance Open Air Markets will be refunded booth fees. Application fees are non refundable. Application must be accompanied with application & booth fees. (

Booth fees are non refundable. Vendors will be credited booth space if cancellation guidelines are followed.


Fairview: $25.00 Week. 10x10 space.
Additional 10x10 space $10.00
(Applications must be accompanied with application & booth fee.)

Troutdale 1st Friday: $15.00 per event. 10x10 space.
Additional 10x10 space $10.00
(Applications must be accompanied with booth & application fees.)

Sunnyside Grange #842 Happy Valley: $15.00 Week. 10x10 space.
Additional 10x10 space $10.00
(Applications must be accompanied with booth & application fees.)

Troutdale: $15.00 Week.10x10 space.
Additional 10x10 space $10.00
(Applications must be accompanied with application & booth fee.)


$35.00 Week. 10x10 space.
Definition: Two separate business names selling under one canopy.
(Applications must be accompanied with application & booth fees.)


It is the responsibility of the vendors to bring booth fees to the market information booth. Each vendor will be given an identification number that will coincide with their market envelope that will be kept at the information booth. Written communications, receipts and checks will be placed in each vendors envelope. Vendor booth fees will be placed into the envelope. All fees are to be collected one hour prior to the end of the market day. If market staff is required To collect from the vendor, a $10.00 late fee will be included. Unpaid booth fees will result in loosing booth space from the markets and put on the waiting list. Vendor will not be able to attend any of the Open Air Markets until past and current fees are paid.

Returned checks: If the market receives a returned check from a vendor, the vendor will receive a service charge of $50.00 that will be added to the amount owed and will be subject to collection fees and/or legal services.

NOTE: Booth space must be paid for one week in advance prior to market participation.

Cancellations: Must be made no later than times & dates listed on vendor application. Vendors who fail to comply with this rule will forfeit market fees.

Non-Notification of Cancellation

First Offense: Vendor forfeits booth fees and will need to pay booth fees prior to returning to market.

Second Offense: Vendor will receive a written warning and forfeits market fees and will need to pay booth fees prior to returning to market.

Third Offense: Vendors will be excluded from the market for the season and forfeits market fees.

8. Enforcement

The Market Manager has the ultimate on-site authority to enforce market rules and decisions. If a vendor violates a market rule, the Market Manager has the discretionary authority to impose an appropriate disciplinary action, which may include written warning or barring vendor from participating in the market for an indefinite period. If barred from the market, the vendor will forfeit all fees that have been paid.

. The Open Air Markets reserves the right to prohibit anyone from selling as well as the right to prohibit the sales of any produce or product.

. A vendor may appeal any decision of the Market Manager concerning violation of these rules by writing to Peter at Windance Open Air Markets.

Fairview, Troutdale, Sunnyside Grange, Troutdale 1st Friday Open Air Markets

Windance Open Air Markets
4805 NE 92nd Ave.
Portland, OR 97220

Office: 503-766-2993
Cell: 503-704-4212