Co-op Booth

The Co-Op booth has been created to bring even greater variety into the market place. This booth is a great opportunity for:

  • Gardeners who have extra produce.
  • Small farms who cannot attend the markets.
  • Producers of specialty processed foods like candies, jams, etc.

All processed foods must comply with local, county. state and federal guidelines. All food related certificates and liability insurance certificates naming each market as the additional insured. All certificates are required with application. Note: applications without proper paperwork will not be processed. Co-op members will be given an ID number and a large envelope. Members have two options of sales.

Selling by weight

Co-op members will have use of a certified scale at the market and will be able to sell their items at their own price per pound. Members are responsible for marking the prices of sold items on a voucher with member's ID number. This voucher is then given to the customer and will be collected by the cashier. Vouchers will be calculated at the end of each market and funds will be placed in the appropriate members' envelopes.

Selling by the piece

Members will have items pre-packaged and priced with a tag indicating the member's ID number. Tags will be collected by the cashier and calculated at the end of each market. Funds will be placed in members envelope.

Additional Information

  • All members are responsible for displaying their own items.
  • The Open Air Market will provide a shelter, table space, bags and a cashier. However, space is limited and members are encouraged to provide their own tables and displays.
  • All items must be pre-approved prior to sales.
  • Members are limited in quantities to be sold. Quantities will be determined by the Market Director or the Market Manager prior to market sales.
  • Members are welcomed and encouraged to participate in selling own products during the markets.
  • Volunteers are always a blessing and makes life easier for all.
  • All members are required to remove items at the closing of the markets.
  • The Windance Open Air Markets are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods, nor are we responsible for non-secured or removed tags.
  • All co-op members are governed by the same Rules and Regulations as vendors, and are expected to follow the same guidelines.

The Co-op Booth is not intended for full or part time vendors to use. Rather, it is an avenue for individuals with small gardens, small farmers attending other markets, or businesses not able to attend the markets. The market will consider all requests.

Thank You for your interests in the Farmers & Artists Markets.